Thank you for your vehicle entry

We have received your entry to the Implements & vehicles timed auction which will commence on Friday Tuesday 2nd July 2021 running until the 6th of July 2021.

This is a relatively new format for our implements & machinery to temporarily replace our successful on site sales.

There is a Buyers Internet Surcharge (+ VAT) on our Timed Auctions

This is basically how the sale is going to work:

  • Now that you have entered, items are to delivered to our site on the date and times shown below.

  • We will then allocate a lot number and take photographs of the items together with details for us to be able to put the details on our website via the website 'ibidder'.

  • Potential buyers will have an opportunity to view the items prior to and while the auction is running

  • The 'Timed Auction' is scheduled to start on Friday 2nd July 2021. This means that from Friday, a window of approx 5 days will be open for people to bid on items and each item will have a specific 'end time'. 

  • You must register with  to be able to purchase at this sale. Click here to be directed to the ibidder website where you can find useful information about how to register and another step by step guide of how to buy

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate us contact 01824 705000. We're here to help.


The delivery options can be found below. If you supplied an email address on the entry form, the delivery information and a copy of your entry will also be emailed to you.


Please note the delivery information below:

  - Monday 28th June between 9am and 4pm


The Following items WILL NOT be accepted for sale
•    Household & Domestic Goods
•    Children's Play Equipment
•    Second Hand Asbestos
•    New & Part-Worn Tyres and wheels
•    New & Second-hand Windows / Doors / Frames


ALL ELECTRICAL ITEMS must have been tested by an authorised Electrical Contractor and passed fit for use and the correct stamp adhered to the item before being sold.


LABELS will be supplied at the Auction.  Please ensure that you tie the labels to your relevant lots with your Name and Address on the label for identification of items.



Unloading facilities are available at the Auction at the Vendors own risk.

Why not send a photo of you item to Sion at our office by emailing or contact 07867977706 to discuss.


See you at the sale!