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Next sale - October 2024

We hold two sales annually. The first in May and the second annual sale during October on behalf of the Bala Sheepdog Society. 

*NEW* Online bidding will be available for our next sale

How does online bidding work?

  • All online bidding will be available via Marteye (Link below)

  • You will need to sign up for an account on Marteye.

  • Once registered, we must approve you as a bidder

  • If you haven't been approved, please contact us

  • Once approved you then wait until the sale starts

  • Bidding window will open as the sale is running and you will be bidding as the sale is going on

  • The screen will show you where the bid is at and what the next available bid is

  • You will also be able to hear the sale

As always, we encourage you to attend in person but we realise this isnt always possible.

Enjoy the sale and please contact us with any queries

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