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Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions below and scroll down to submit the form
Commission will be charged to the Vendors on each lot as follows:

£0 - £100 – 15% , the next £1,900 – 10%, the next £3,000 - 5%

and 2.5% thereafter. With a Minimum Commission of £3 per lot

Entry Fee of £20 plus VAT, to be paid upon receipt of Entry Form
will be charged on all motorised vehicles including tractors, excavators, telescopic handlers, forklift trucks, dumpers, motorised vehicles, farm bikes & lorries.
VAT at the standard rate will be added to the purchase price of all Lots.  The only exceptions to this will be in the case of “zero rated” or “exempt” Lots.  The Auctioneers will state at the time of Sale if any Lots fall within these exceptions.
The following items cannot be accepted to the sale: Household & Domestic Goods, Children’s Play Equipment, Second Hand Asbestos, New and part worn tyres, windows & doors
(1).  No lot entered or advertised for sale by the Auctioneers should be sold by the 
          owner privately within 10 days prior to the commencement of the sale for 
          which the lot has been entered or advertised.  The Auctioneers are not to be 
          under any liability for any breach of this condition whatsoever.
(2).  In all cases where a lot is not forward for sale, the Auctioneers shall be 
          indemnified by the person entering such a lot for all expenses incurred in 
          relation thereto and against all such claims from third parties as may arise.
(3).  If any lot is sold privately subsequently on the sale ground, the sale must be 
          booked in through the Auctioneers’ Office and the terms and conditions or 
          sale will apply and commission will be charged.
(4).  The Auctioneers reserve the right to sell privately at the reserved price, any lot 
          remaining on site after the auction without further consultation with the 
Reserves shall be given in writing tot he Auctioneers before the advertised time for the commencement of the sale.  Vendors reserve the right to bid through the Auctioneers as their Agents, and shall only bid through them.  No Vendor shall in any circumstances whatsoever bid or allow anyone else to bid on his behalf for any lot owned by such Vendor, save that this restriction shall not be extended to lots being sold on a dissolution of partnership.  Should any improper bidding be discovered, full commission will be charged on any lots bought in.
(1).  All lots are accepted and remain on the sale ground at the Vendors’ risk.  The 
          Auctioneers shall be under no liability to notify Vendors if lots are not sold.
(2).  Each lot shall be sold at the sole risk of the purchaser on the fall of the 
The Auctioneers shall not be liable for any expenses, loss, claim or proceedings in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever to any property real or personal (including all lots) whether incurred before, during or after the sale.
The Auctioneers shall not be liable for any expense, loss, claim or proceeding in any respect of personal injury to or death of any personal arising out of or in the course of the sale, except to the extent that the same is due to the negligence of the Auctioneers, their Servants or Agents.
The highest bidder shall be the Purchaser and any dispute which arises shall be settled by the Auctioneer who shall regulate the bidding and have the right to refuse a bid.
(1).  All purchasers shall be paid for on the day of the sale direct to the Auctioneers 
before removal and no lot to be removed without the written authority of the       Auctioneers.  Cheques will not be accepted unless prior arrangements with the 
Auctioneers have been made.  Where a purchaser defaults in payment, the 
Auctioneers reserve the right to re-sell the lot and to charge the Purchaser with
any expenses and loss incurred by reason of the failure of the Purchaser to complete
his purchases.  The Auctioneers reserve the right to charge interest at the current     bank overdraft rate on any outstanding accounts from the day of sale unless special arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers in this respect.
(2).  Transfers of purchases will only be recognised at the sole discretion of the 
(3).  Every Purchaser shall leave his full name and address at the Auctioneers’
        Office whether he intends to remove his purchases on the day of the sale or not.
The Auctioneers give no undertaking to accept any lots entered for the sale.  
The following items cannot be accepted:  Household and domestic goods, children’s play equipment, second-hand asbestos. New or used Tyres, windows & doors.

The information that you supply on this form will be used to organise the sale and will not be passed to third parties.
See our Privacy Notice for details at
All lots must be cleared from the sale ground within 8 days of the sale and if remaining longer than 8 days without a satisfactory explanation for the non-clearance being given to the Auctioneers.  The Auctioneers reserve the right to charge for handling and storage at the rate of £2 per lot per week, notwithstanding Clause 6 above.
The descriptions are supplied by the Vendors who alone are responsible for details and accuracy.  The Auctioneers will not be answerable in respect of any errors which may occur in the description.  The Auctioneers may make any intimation of any alteration or modification of the description of any lot immediately before asking for bids.  The Auctioneers shall be the sole and exclusive judge of the fact of such intimation and the terms in which it is made.  Each lot is sold with all faults, imperfections and errors of description and the Auctioneers are not responsible for the authenticity, attribution, genuiness, origin, authorship, date, age, period, condition or quality of any lot. 
(1).  Unless a warranty is given at the time of sale, the lots are sold as they stand 
          with all faults, imperfections and errors of descriptions or otherwise.  The 
          purchaser shall be deemed to have inspected the lots he buys.
(2).  Vehicles and trailers may not be immediately road worthy or may be of such 
          design as will not, without alterations, comply with the provisions of Road 
          Traffic Acts or Regulations.  The Purchaser shall undertake to comply with 
          such Acts and Regulations.
(3).  Implements and machinery may not immediately comply with the provisions 
          of Safety Health and Welfare Acts and Regulations.  The purchaser shall 
          undertake to comply with such Acts and Regulations.
(4).  Vendors must comply with the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 and be capable of 
          substantiating all claims, descriptions, quality, manufacture, composition etc., 
          of their lots.
(5).  Items described as being in working or running order or condition shall have 
          no defect which renders it incapable of the reasonable work for which it is 
          intended and must be capable of performing such work.
(6).  Items described as being in good working or running order or condition shall
          be mechanically sound and capable of performing the work for which it is 
(7).  No item shall be returnable for any description or warranty other than that 
          effecting its working, running or mechanical condition.
(8).  Items described as straight from work, recently overhauled etc., or similar 
          description shall be deemed a warranty and be capable of performing the 
          work for which it is intended.
(9).  All vehicles are warranted not to have been an insurance total loss or 
         recorded on HPi V car register unless otherwise declared.
(10). All keys should be handed in on delivery of lots to the sale ground.
(11). All Registration documents or a Certificate of non Registration should be sent
           with the entry or handed in on delivery of lots to the sale ground.
(1).  If the Auctioneer receives a complaint in writing by 12noon on Thursday 
          following the date of the sale the net proceeds of sale shall be held by the 
          Auctioneers and they shall be under no obligation to account to the Vendor 
          until they are satisfied that such dispute has been settled.
(2).  No lot shall be subject to the complaint procedure unless paid for on the day 
          Of the sale and any such payment subsequently stopped or dishonoured shall 
          Not constitute payment.
(3).  The Auctioneers shall have the right to appoint a person to act as arbitrator 
          subject to the Arbitration Acts as modified by these conditions of sale.  The 
          Arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties.
(4).  The Auctioneers act solely as agent between the Vendor and Purchaser and in 
          the event of a dispute or refusal to pay or non-payment on the part of the 
          Purchaser, they may, at their discretion, annul and cancel the sale of such lot 
          or lots.
Vendors shall be entitled to receive the purchase price of any lot or lots sold on the fourteenth day after the sale, provided that the Auctioneers shall have received the same and:-
(1).  That the complaints procedure shall not have been invoked by or on behalf of 
          the Purchaser, when payment of what is due will be made to whom it is due 
          as soon as practicable by the Auctioneers after settlement of the complaint 
(2).  That in the event of any acknowledged debt of the Vendor being owed to the 
          Auctioneers, the latter shall have the right to set off such debt against the 
          proceeds of sale.
(3).  Payment shall be withheld for tractors and vehicles sold until a registration 
          book or certificate of non registration is received.
A fork lift / tractor and loader is available to assist with the loading / unloading of lots.  These facilities are provided entirely at the risk of the Vendor or Purchaser who must be responsible for supervision.  The Auctioneers accept no liability whatsoever.

No Employee or Agent of the Auctioneer has any authority to vary these Terms or Conditions.

Privacy notice

Ruthin Farmers Auction Company Limited is a Livestock Auction based in Ruthin, Denbighshire. This Privacy Notice explains how we may collect, use, process, share and store personal information about you and the choices that are available to you as regards this information. Please read this Privacy Notice carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal information and how we will treat it.
What information to we collect about you?
We collect information about you when you trade with us or request an entry form to one of our sales. We also collect information about you if you contact us via phone, social media and our website. We will only collect the information that we need to carry out our sales, such as name, contact details, VAT registration number, any other relevant registration details and details of the items to be sold.

How will we use the information about you?
We collect information about you to enable you to trade in the market. If you have entered items to a special sale, we will keep your name and address on file in order to send you entry forms for future sales. If you have bought in a special sale, we will send you catalogues for future sales. In both cases we will delete your details after 3 years of the last sale in which you participated.
If you have consented for us to do so, we will also contact you by electronic means to inform you about upcoming sales and market information. You can withdraw consent at any time.
We will not share your information with any other company.

We would like to keep you informed of sales and market trading conditions which may be of interest to you. If you have consented to receive marketing, you may opt out at a later date. We use a third-party provider, Textlocal, to deliver our text messages. Their privacy notice can be seen at We use another provider, Wufoo, for our online entry forms and their privacy notice can be seen at; we also use a mailing list provider, for e-mail marketing.

Access to your information and correction
You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please contact us (see How to contact us, below). We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate.

Sharing your information
If you hold an account with us we may use a credit reference agency to obtain financial information about you. Also, if it is necessary to engage the services of a debt-collecting company we will share your details with them to enable them to carry out their work. We do not share information with other third parties but sometimes we may have a legal obligation to pass on your details, for example to a law enforcement agency or regulator, or with companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

Other Websites
Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to the Ruthin Farmers Auction Company Limited website so when you link to other websites you should read their own privacy policies.

Changes to our privacy policy
We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this website. This privacy policy was last reviewed on 23 May 2018.

How to contact us
Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or information we hold about you:
By email at
Or write to us at: Ruthin Farmers Auction Company Ltd, Parc Glasdir, Denbigh Road, Ruthin, Denbighshire, LL15 1PB

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